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Frontal Face Picture with the head on the right



Profile of head with hand to the chin head on the right


Baby's hand Waving to the Camera



Baby looking over the shoulder at the camera


Profile of the Babies face



Crotch shot of Baby, Nurse Outlined and captioned Jack Vincent's Stuff

These Pictures were taken today 1/7/2003 at Nicole Doctors appointment.  Both Baby and Nicole are doing great!

The baby was very active during this session!  Moving around kicking, and spinning out of the way.  All he wanted to show us was his backside!  This caused the nurse to employ the "Mommy Earth Shake" shaking Nicole's belly with the ultrasound thing! 

Jack Vincent Britton is the leading candidate for names.  Jack after Nicole's grandfather and Vincent after mine!  Both our grandfathers passed with in 2 weeks of one another and we do this to honor their memory!

Love to all,
Vince & Nicole and Jack!